Website is now under new management

September 2nd, 2011

New Management

I have been one of the administrators on this website for quite a while, however what I wasn’t in charge of what we did with it.  Now i have been give control of the website and will be taking it to its full potential.

This website is no longer going to be on the topic of water, regretabily I am still trying to see if i can’t get access to the domain name in order to change it to something much more appropriate.

As this new website is developed there will be some major cleaning of the website. All of the current users have been deleted if you are interested in continuing to support or use this website you must reregister as a user. I will be looking for moderators and admins in the next couple of months, i ask that you hold your applications until I post a page for you to submit them. The reason for this is that i want you to understand the true nature of this webpage before you agree to be apart of its staff.

The new route…

This website is now going to be dedicated to the well discussed theory of the Zombie Apocalypse or any form of the disease. As i have said before it is a very weird domain name for this website but I am working on changing it. Before it happens everyone will be notified of the changes.

I thank you for your time and continued support of our website.

Jenkins, Head Administrator